Thursday, April 7, 2011

The spring cleaning/organization continues!

You might remember my kitchen drawers makeover and pantry overhaul and from February/March...I had decided to start my spring cleaning early by finally tackling some projects that had fallen by the wayside :(

Well, I continued my cleaning streak by reorganizing our hallway closet.

Here is the before:

It doesn't look awful, but that's also because this is only a horizontal shot.. I'll admit - I was ashamed to show you the rest of it!! But you can totally see some gloves, random winter gear in the left corner...and my wedding gown was also thrown up there in a garment bag....basically it was a disaster zone that I kept avoiding..

So, I snagged some pretty hangers at IKEA:

 Threw out the gross old ones:

And voila! 

Yeah, the black mass next to the grey Rubbermaid tote would be one of the cats..she loves "exploring" in the closet!
I realized I had a never-been-used black and white canvas storage bin (also from IKEA) that would be perfect for corralling winter accessories. And I moved a few items that had been on the floor to the upper shelf so that I didn't have to bend down to reach them and so that I could actually SEE them too!

It's not perfect by any means, but even just having matching hangers made me feel sooo much better the next time I opened the door to grab a coat.

I actually did this mini-makeover in mid-March but kept forgetting to post it!

This next little project is from last night.  I grabbed 2 items at Target to improve my "getting ready" area in the bathroom. I'll explain - we have a storage unit thingie in the bathroom next to the sink:

Old picture from when we were painting the sink

You can kind of see it at a different angle in these 2 pictures (I don't actually have one of the unit!)

But basically it's this from Target (turned on it's side)...
ClosetMaid "Cubeical" Organizer 

...with those little canvas bins.. I store all my beauty/health care stuff in these bins and I have smaller rectangular bin on top with my "every day" items. (you can see it in the first sink picture)

Well, the bin I had was starting to get a bit gross..of course, silly me bought one in off-white so it showed dirt like you wouldn't believe. Plus some of my products had leaked at one time or another so there were these weird oil-y looking stains on the bottom, too.

So I definitely needed a DARK bin that wouldn't show dirt/grime and something to prevent the bottom of the bin from getting spills. Once again, my faithful friend Target pulled through.

Itso small tapered bin - Ebony Polka Dots
3-section organizing tray - no picture online :(

No more fishing around to find exactly what I need! Plus I love that it matches the black/white/cream color scheme we have in the bathroom already (black wall tiles, white paint, cream floor tiles) 

It's the little things that make me happy.. I know, I need to get a life..sigh..

What are your spring cleaning projects??

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  1. I need one of those organinzing bins!! And I love those hangers. I plan to do the same thing one day...just way too many hangers to buy!