Sunday, October 17, 2010

Get ready for lots of pictures!!

Last night we hosted about 50 of our friends and family to celebrate our new home!

We worked our butts off these past few weeks to get everything ready and we heard lots of rave reviews about the final results!

Here are some loooong-awaited pictures of a few rooms that are finally done!

Living Room:

The Before-
with the previous owner's stuff!!!

The During -

The After-
(The pictures you see stuck to the trim/fireplaces are the before pictures so our guests could see the transformation!)

Master Bedroom:

The Before-

The After-


The Before-

The During-

The After-
(That mirror is temporary til I find one I love..gotta love quick $5 fixes from Target! And we'll eventually get a new toilet, but the sink just neeeeeded to go!)

And a few other updates, etc.:

I really hate the hole the old numbers left behind, but oh well :) Hopefully updating the light fixture soon too!

We decided it was time to do something about the front steps, and while we didn't have the time to paint the concrete before the party, a good power-washing definitely made them look a lot better!!

The Before:

The During-
The squiggle part is the clean concrete - see ya later dirty steps!!

The After-

The power washer did remove some of the old paint that was previously on the steps but overall I think it looks pretty good!

New fall wreath:

New inside doormat from my Mom!


Of course we still have a lot of projects to do (paint the kitchen cabinets, paint the half bath, new light fixtures for the foyer/dining room) but it feels sooo good to have accomplished so much in the past 5 months!!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to celebrate with us!!