Friday, April 13, 2012

Confessional Friday

I'm linking up with "A Blonde Ambition" for the first time for "Confessional Fridays!"

1. I haven't run since Saturday (ran a 10K and still recovering from it) My half marathon is May 20th. I feel very guilty about having taken so many days off, but honestly, I've also kinda loved it! Hoping to get in a quick run tonight before bed.

2. We're leaving on a 13-hour road trip tomorrow for North Carolina to visit some dear friends who we haven't seen since their Key West wedding in October!

Such a fun destination wedding!!

As much as I love a good road trip, I'm dreading being in a car for that long! I'm hoping the scenery along the way will help pass the time :)

3.  My Starbucks addiction is getting a little out of control. I think I need an intervention. Now that the warmer weather is almost here, I'm going to try and just drink water or maybe iced green tea (homemade) But it's just so gosh-darn yummy!!!

4. I have not had a pedicure in a very, very long time (read: 6 months) The weather in NC this weekend is supposed to be HOT! Which means I will not be suffocating my feet in closed-toed shoes. Need to remedy this ASAP!

Ok, I think that's all. Happy Friday! Don't forget to link up at "A Blonde Ambition" 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My new favorite moisturizer

I've been using this stuff for less than a week and I am already seeing amazing results! It just makes my skin look so much more alive! (does that make sense?) The scent reminds me of suntan lotion/a tropical vacation and the formula is light and non-greasy. I like that it gives me just the right amount of shine, because a lot of other oil-free products I've used make my face look way too matte.

The SPF 20 is another added bonus! 

I bought it at Target for around $14, but I'm sure you can find online a bit cheaper.