Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So close to the finish line!

We've been working very hard at getting the house in tip top shape!

Here's a little view of some recent projects!!

Guest bedroom with freshly painted walls, trim, moulding, doors and new hardware!! (Hallway has not been painted yet, but the trim is basically done!)

Another view of the guest room (please disregard the litter box in the corner - temporary!) We painted the vents (they used to be gross brown!) and replaced the outlets/switch plates with fresh, clean white ones!

And the before, just to refresh your memory :)

(Looking into the room from the doorway...notice the hideous border paper around the window???)

Oh hello fireplace doors! So nice to see you painted black and back in your home!

I can't believe this is what it used to look like!!!!!

Check back in a few weeks for more updates!!

Guest bedroom
-Wall color: Wind's Breath (Benjamin Moore)
-Trim/Doors: Super White (BM)

-Woodlawn Dewkist (Valspar)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I heart IKEA!

Seriously.. I could spend an entire DAY there!

Here are some gems from a few recent shopping trips:

Lack coffee table/side tables for the family room (downstairs)

Lock ceiling lights (for office/hallway/guest bedroom)

Grono glass lamps (they look a lot cooler in person than in this picture!)

Jattefin planter (you can see it in my recent blog post - it houses our fun little green plant!)

I'm eyeing a few things for my next trip:

Egeby flatwoven rug - for the living room

Alve storage bench - for our foyer/entryway..I'd probably go with black (they also make it in white) because it won't show the dirt! I'm planning on hanging a mirror/hooks above the bench

Friday, August 6, 2010

A work in progress...

I know, I know.. I haven't blogged in over a month..

It's been a whirlwind of a month tho - vacation, new kitties, lots and lots of painting/making our new house our own!

So, onto the pictures!

There's not a whole lot of anything new in this room, except if you notice the baseboards are primed and ready for white semi-gloss paint! The slipper chair is a recent buy from Target and I'm still working on getting a slip-cover for the couch, a rug, and plan on painting the coffee table

The walls are ready for paint! It helps to add some accessories to the fireplace so it starts to feel like a real room!

Hard to tell in this picture, but the bathroom walls are now a glossy white! Trim is also painted and the doors will be painted soon too. (We also painted the medicine cabinet white, but I forgot to take a picture!)

Brandon's office - is now grey!

Baseboards are painted..just need to do the window and the doors!

So here's what the kitchen floor used to look like

And HERE'S what it looks like after some scrubbing/elbow grease!!

That's all for now - current projects/future updates include:

1. Painting all the trim on the main floor - a lot of work, but it's going to look so fresh and so clean clean! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

2. A painted guest room! Walls are painted, trim is painted..just need to reorganize the furniture in the room, accessorize a bit and then take a picture!

3. Tackling the kitchen cabinets!!