Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

Can't believe it's already Wednesday - and a hot one at that! It's in the 90s in New England today!

So here's what I'm loving today:
  • Redbox! My latest obsession! I had heard about it, but never ever used it til a few days ago. And now I'm hooked! I love that you can reserve movies online or that I can pop into my local Stop & Shop to pick up a new release. For $1 a night, you can't go wrong!

And the fact that you can return your movie to any Redbox location? Genius!
  • I'm also loving the Ann Taylor Loft Essential Tanks:

These are so popular that they're sold out online and can only be found in stores! 
I love layering them, and they are just so comfortable and soft.

  • I love to eat fruit, especially in the summer, so I was thrilled once I saw the peaches in the supermarket the other day. I had a yummy snack on Sunday of Fage Greek Yogurt and sliced up peaches - the sweet of the peaches totally balanced out the tartness of the yogurt!

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  1. *Love* RedBox! Great discovery =]

  2. I love peaches and Greek yogurt. Such a good summer combination.

  3. Red Box is awesome! I love fruit! It's so refreshing in the summertime! :)

    A Little Bit of This & That

  4. I love Red Box! Whoever invented them is a genius!!
    I gave you an award over at my blog!!

  5. Aw thanks Courtney! I'm heading over now to check it out :)