Monday, June 27, 2011

Movie Mondays!

I've been a bad blogger - I apologize! Some of my latest posts have been a tad lackluster, because the last few days of school were a bit crazy: I'm transferring to 2 new schools (within my district) so I can finally be full time and it literally all happened within a 48 hour period. I'm very excited for my new adventure, but sad to be leaving my school of 3 years.

Ok, so onto my latest movie! I saw "Bad Teacher" over the weekend with some lady friends (one of whom is also a teacher!) I would probably give it a B-. Not awful, but not stellar. There are definitely some funny moments, especially with Justin Timberlake's character. Phyllis from "The Office" is hysterical as usual.  I felt that some parts of the movie were just totally unrealistic or over the top, so probably not a movie I would see again.

In other news, this little guy is coming home with us in 3 weeks!!!

Love him!!!

Oh, and for my fellow teacher-bloggers out there who are on vacation already (sorry for those of you who still have a few days left!) Congrats!!!

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