Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Target Tuesdays!

Haven't done this blog hop in awhile but I have lots to share today for this Target Tuesday!

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Now that the warm weather is here and I'm planning to do a lot of running/races during my vacation, I decided it was time to stock up on shorts/tanks/etc. Thankfully, Target has a pretty decent "activewear" section in their stores and I've found quite a few "staples" for my running wardrobe:

I have these shorts in black and a darker purple than the color above. I love them because they have a littler inner pocket where I can put my key or my iPod shuffle, and they also have built-in underwear! I know that might sound strange, but let me tell you, it's the best thing ever! Sweaty underwear = gross!!

Just bought this same tank (same color) and I can't wait to wear it! It's super comfy and I like that it doesn't have big bulky straps either!

Speaking of thin straps - my favorite sports bras are from Target too. Again, these are extremely comfortable and also come in a wide variety of colors (if you're anal like me and like to color coordinate your outfits!!)

I can't find a picture of these online, but I just bought some socks at Target that are both functional and fashionable! Over the weekend I ran a 5K with a friend, and she let me borrow a pair of her socks so I could add more purple to my outfit (the 5K was a fundraiser for a woman who passed away and her favorite color was purple). After wearing these socks, I was hooked!

They are made by the Gold Toe company, and come in a variety of colors. They sell them in 3 packs in they're about $7. Made to wick away moisture and keep your feet nice and comfy - score! I bought them in white, turquoise, lime green, fuchsia and purple! 

(I decided to just take a crappy iPhone pic of them - you get the idea!)

I'm planning to supplement my running with exercise videos/hand weights. I got these the other day at Target and used them last night with this DVD:

This DVD has 3 sections - a yoga part, strength training, and a booty blast. You can do all 3 or just choose which ones you feel like doing that day. I've never watched RHofNY but Bethenny's pretty funny! I'm also a big fan of her Skinnygirl margaritas!!

I also snagged a jump rope (for $5!) because I've heard it's a great cardio workout - tried a bit last night - was exhausted after 2 mins of jumping!

Yay Target!!!

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  1. I really need to get some of those running shorts! Its too hot to be running in the capris I normally wear!

  2. I love those shorts! I got a pair in black and have been living in them! I need to go back and get more colors before they sell out!

  3. oooooh i need to get that dvd set. i LOVE her! :)