Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Fridays!

I've missed this blog hop the past 2 weeks because we've been doing a lot of house stuff on Fridays so my blogging took a back seat!

(Wanted to post this earlier, but we were having internet issues, so I started cleaning the house!!)

Kind of a low-key weekend:

Today I'm going to tackle our closets and bring some clothes/linens to Goodwill. I love paring down our stuff and giving it away!

Meanwhile, my Dad, Brandon and his friend Tim are busy outside putting up the panels for our new fence! Here's what the accomplished last week:

This is just one side of the yard - all the posts are cemented in!

Tonight I have a gig with my band at a new bar/restaurant

From last year's 3rd of July Fireworks show

Tomorrow (as of right now!) we have no definite plans, which is nice! I will probably spend a good part of the day on, my latest obsession! 

I'm also going to post about my June Birchbox which came yesterday. Here's a little preview of what I got this month:

Sunday I'm running a 5K, just a few miles away from our house - I think it's the closest 5K I've ever run! The forecast is calling for rain :( But it's supposed to be in the 70s, so it might not be too bad

Only a week and a half left of school!!! YIPPEE!!!

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  1. Have a fab weekend!

    What is your pinterest name? I'm newly addicted as well!