Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

Almost forgot it's Wednesday!!! I cannot wait for this week (and my cold) to end!!

Here's what I'm loving today:

The Summer 2011 Collection from Essie. It's not out til June, but the colors look amazing!!! I think the "braziliant" could be a fun color, especially with a tan!! Not sure about "absolutely shore" (pun very much intended!) I can't wait to see these in person and pick up a couple to test out!

Only 21 days left of school, not counting weekends, Fridays (I only work M-Th), holidays, or my final personal day. Just gotta get through a few concerts, 5th grade graduation, and other end-of-the-year commitments.

Friday night is game night with some of my best gals - Scribblish and Taboo are our 2 favorites to play! I had never heard of Scribblish til I played it a few months back with these same ladies, and let me tell you, if you've never played it, you're missing out! It's like the old-school game "Telephone" but with drawing. None of us are stellar artists, and I think that's part of why it's so fun - we were literally dying laughing from some of the pictures drawn.  We've been playing Taboo since college and it's probably the one game I get super excited/competitive about. I don't know what I enjoy better - trying to guess the words or trying to give clues about the words.  Either way, when a "Taboo night" is in my future, I know it's gonna be a good time all around!!

I'm so glad we have Netflix!! Their selection has improved over the years and they have a ton of stuff you can watch instantly.  I'm always excited when the post new releases and I like the little "suggestions for you" feature they have too. It helps that they are pretty quick with shipping out discs too, altho, most of what I watch is available instantly.

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  1. I'm obsessed with Essie too! Love all the colors you posted. Found your blog through WILW :)

  2. I've been hooked on the dark Essie colors..can't wait for June to hit up some of those!

  3. great things your loving!

    Happy wednesday!

  4. Love all of the nail polish!!!

    Those are some awesome things that you are loving today!!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  5. Stopping in from WILW!:) Scribbish looks fun! Might have to pick that one up!