Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Birchbox

Last month I posted about Birchbox and today it arrived in the mail! In a nutshell, Birchbox "is a smart, streamlined, fun way to try and buy high-end beauty products." For $10/month you get 4 deluxe-sized samples, a treat and sometimes little "extras" like I got in mine yesterday:

The outer box

The inner box

Look at the price of that night cream! My sample size is .10 oz!

Love the packaging!!

My whole stash

First up: Archipelago Pomegranate Soap. This soap is so pretty and smells amazing!!!

This bottle is so tiny! I'm going to try this tonight and I'll report back tomorrow - clearly at $190 for a 1 oz bottle, this is not something I will be buying a full-sized version of! (UPDATE: I wrote this blog last night and posted today, which is why I wrote "tomorrow." I tried this last night and my face felt amazing this morning! I think there might be JUST enough left in the bottle for one more treatment..yikes!)

I've never used any Stila products before, but I've heard good things about them! This is a fun shimmery purple - not something I'd use for an every day look, but it definitely has potential! I could see myself using this as an eyeliner color too.

Not really my cup of tea for a perfume (kind of reminds me of something my grandmother would wear) so I will probably be tossing this one out :(

This month's treat: A cute greeting card from TinyPrints, a website I've used before at the holidays to send out personalized cards!


The actual card:

 My bonus this month:

I also plan on testing this out tonight too - I wonder if it has a nice scent! (UPDATE: Haven't tried this yet..hopefully later on this week!)

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my May Birchbox (minus the grandma perfume!) and I will definitely be continuing my subscription, at least for another few months.

Head on over to www.birchbox.com to check it out. I love that you can cancel your subscription at any time, too!

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