Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy Days = "fluffy" hair

The weather in New England this past week has been down right AWFUL! It's been raining every day since late Saturday night and for someone like me with wavy hair, rainy, dreary weather = frizz!!!

Yesterday I finally decided it was silly to waste time blow drying and then straightening my hair. So I let it "do its thing" and used my favorite Aussie spray (shown below) to create a wavy, kinda-messy look.

I do this look a lot in the summer when it's hot and I don't want to blow more heat around, so my students rarely see my hair in its natural state.  The looks/comments I get from them are priceless. One 2nd grader told me yesterday that I had "fluffy" cute!

Here's how it looks the 2nd day

Not as "crunchy-looking" as it usually looks on Day 1, but I can always add more Sprunch spray if it starts to fall flat.  I literally just spray it into my hair and then use my hand to "scrunch" it up..sometimes I'll use a blow dryer afterwards to give it some more volume.

Here's another angle:

I wish I could wear this style every day, but my hair can be very unpredictable and doesn't always want to cooperate!

And just for fun: here's what my hair was looking like a year ago today (that's my niece Lyla!)

Fun haircut (and a lot blonder!) but I'm happy it's growing!!

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