Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! I feel like this week is flying by! Anyone else feeling the same way??

I mentioned this on Monday, but I am still loving my current read, "Something Borrowed." I am thisclose to finishing it and I cannot wait to pick up more of Emily Griffin's books!! I can't wait to see the movie on Friday with some of my favorite ladies. I am a big John Krasinski/Ginnifer Goodwin fan, too!

I blogged about my Ulta haul several weeks ago and never got around to reviewing this guy:

It's Essie's Naturally Clean nail polish remover 

It doesn't have that typical, gross nail polish remover fact it has a really nice, light scent and I actually enjoying removing my nail polish now! It nourishes your nails, and makes them look really healthy, not stripped.  And a little goes a long way! I find that I can soak one cotton ball/pad with this and use it for at least one hand, if not half of another! With other removers I sometimes had to go thru 3 cotton balls, especially if I was removing a dark color.

And of course I'm loving my Naked Palette from UD. It's so fun to mix and match the colors and get different looks! My go to makeup blog is Makeup by TiffanyD and she has several tutorials on how to use the palette to get the most out of it!

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  1. I just started reading Something Borrowed too!!!

  2. Can't wait for the movie! I need to get some of that nail polish remover! My cheap brand kills my nails!

  3. Glad you shared about the nail polish remover! I am going this weekend so I will just have to pick up a bottle! Thanks:)

  4. Just saw you were a teacher! Yay for my fellow blogging teachers! :)

  5. I love when I find fellow blogging teachers too!

  6. I am going to see Something Borrowed this weekend too! Can't wait