Monday, May 23, 2011

Movie Mondays!

I started watching Grosse Point Blank last night (via Netflix of course!) but was exhausted from my 5K earlier that day, so I only got about halfway thru it before my body told me it was time to hit the sheets!

It's definitely...quirky? Maybe that's not the right word. But usually, John Cusack movies have the tendency to be "in a league of their own" so to speak. I like Minnie Driver but I'm not sure I love her character so far. I guess I'll have to finish the movie first!

The mid-90s fashion is keeping me entertained, and I'm liking the soundtrack so far, too.

As for movies in the theatre, I really want to see Bridesmaids, Pirates 4 and Hangover 2 (which opens this weekend!)

What movies have you seen (and loved!) recently?

1 comment:

  1. Tom and I have watched a lot of movies recently! I absolutely loved Black Swan and The King's Speech but am looking forward to seeing Pirates 4 and Hangover 2 coming up pretty soon!!