Friday, March 25, 2011

Teal, Lime green & Yellow

For me, those 3 colors scream "I'm sick and tired of cold, windy weather! Bring on the flip flops!" Or at least that's what I've been screaming inside my head this past week :)

I figured it was time to switch up the decor in our living room (especially since I realized the other day I still had a few Christmas/Winter-related items left on the mantel - yikes!!) I only purchased 2 new items - gotta love "shopping" from your own home!

The teal pillow on the left I "stole" from the guest bedroom, and the lime green one is actually a pillow slipcover that I use off and on throughout the year. The teal pillow on the right is new ($13 from Target) and has a fun velvet-y texture. (I have a red one on our couch downstairs)

I was trying to think of what I could put on the coffee table for placemats when I remembered I had bought 2 Vera Bradley ones on sale last year - how fitting that they matched my color scheme too!

And yes, that would be one of our cats sitting on the windowsill :)

The only new item I purchased was the little yellow bowl ($3 at HomeGoods!) and I placed it on a cream pedestal (Target purchase from last year)

I grabbed the following pieces to complete the mantel:
- a cool blue and green glass mosaic frame with one of our wedding pictures,
- an apothecary jar with greenish/yellowish "pears" and other filler,
- a green vase (from IKEA) with 2 daffodils from the kitchen (see previous post)
- the little green plant that's been residing on our dining room table (plant and white
planter both from IKEA)

Knowing me, I will probably change it up a few times over the next couple of days until it feels "right."

*Update* Here's the new look (and how I decorated the china cabinet/buffet)

I switched out the frame and put a votive holder with almost the same glass mosaic design in its place. I also remembered I had a cool green/turquoise platter from Crate & Barrel (on clearance last year!) that might look fun in front of the mirror, so I moved the "love" letters to their new home on the buffet:

I thought this was a good spot for the glass mosaic frame too. And in the center is a white tray from IKEA with the rest of the faux pears and some more white/natural filler. I also put 2 beige placemats underneath everything for interest.

Of course I'm still not sure if I love this new updated look - we'll see!

How are you decorating for Spring???

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