Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Product Rave!

We have 2 cats, Venus and Luna. Venus is all black and Luna is black and white, so you can imagine the lovely cat hair they leave behind on furniture/clothes/etc.

They rarely cuddle together, but when they do it's always camera-worthy!

So anywho, on Sunday we were at Petco getting them a nail clipper (their talons were out.of.control) and spotted this:

It's the FURminator!! Brandon's mom (who has 2 long-haired cats) raves about it! It was a bit pricey (on-sale for $37 instead of $45) but lordy, does this thing WORK! (Oh and here's the link, via Petco: FURminator - we got the one for short haired cats and even tho our 2 are technically still kittens, Brandon said his Mom tried the FURminator for kittens and it didn't work as well, so we opted for the "Large Cat" version)

I spent about a half hour grooming the 2 of them and I should have taken a picture of all the fur I had piled up when I was done. It was amazing!

The cats also loooove the feeling of the metal comb agains their fun/skin because it's like you're petting them, times 1000. Even our skittish one, Venus, stood still and let me groom her for about 10 minutes. Believe it or not, their tails were one area that was loaded with extra fur.

Venus is currently sitting on me while I type this and I'm wearing a khaki colored sweater. I have maybe a total of 5 hairs on me when normally I would have about 50!!

Furminator, you may just be my new best friend :)

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