Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blame it on the..

snow! (you thought I was gonna say rain, right?)

Yes, I'm blaming my lack of blogging on the several feet of snow we've gotten in the past month!

(looking out from the guest bedroom to the backyard..and this isn't even from the most recent snowstorm!)

But really..

I knew I couldn't stay away too long, so I'm back at it, thanks to some motivation from a few fellow bloggers.

Ok, so..where to start

-The half bath is 99% completed.. I haven't been able to finish painting in there, because of the stupid toilet. (The gross yellow one that needs to be replaced ASAP!) I will take updated pictures soon

-I'm realizing that we're sort of in a "house project" lull (again, blaming this on the snow!) but I'm happy to say that all the insulation we put in the attic this past November has helped tremendously with our heating bill and we are nice and toasty! There are a few little projects I'd like to complete over the next few months (mainly decorative projects, like hanging artwork, putting up some shelves, etc) but that's not going to sustain this blog!'s time for this blog to undergo a conversion of sorts. I'm going to work on posting not only house updates, but also recipes, money saving tips, random thoughts, and the like.

I'm hoping this will help tide me over until the spring/summer when we can really tackle some large projects like:

-Working to transform our disgusting lawn into a yard worthy of a Scott's Turf Builder ad
-Painting our kitchen cabinets a crisp white
-Possibly painting our ceilings if we feel up to it
-Sand/restain/paint some furniture that's been lying around for awhile

Having said that, I'm about to post a yummy recipe I whipped up for dinner last night, so stay tuned!

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