Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great finds at Target today!

I love when I go into Target for a couple of items and walk out with things not even on my list - however, I just couldn't pass up these 3!

So I was wanting to update our formal living room a bit, specifically the slipcover for the couch

Here's how the couch came to us:

Then we transformed it to this:

(Dark brown slipcover I bought a few years ago at Target)

And now, thanks to, yet again, a fabulous deal at Target, this hand-me-down couch is sporting a brand new look:

The slipcover is this:

Which technically is a bit too small for our "couch" (which is sort of like an oversized loveseat I guess, because it only has 2 cushions?) However, even tho it is a bit small, I couldn't pass it up. Here's a closeup of that Clearance tag:

Yes, that's right, originally $90 and I got it for under $23!!!! I love the color and the texture and the fact that it's Scotchguard protected!

Ok, onto more deals-

One of my New Year's resolutions is to get organized. My good friend Tracy over at TEM's New Beginnings passed along this awesome blog: IHeart Organizing. I've been reading it almost non-stop since last night! Jen is so inspiring and has some amazing ideas!

After perusing the clearance section in a few more departments, I found 2 items that I knew would be just the thing to kickstart my resolution: a mail organizer and a mesh basket.

I can never manage to find envelopes, thank you notes, pens, stamps, return address labels, etc when I need them! So I bought this cute little mail station thingie to hold everything.

Speaking of never being able to find things, under the sink in our full bath was screaming for a makeover, and that's where the mesh basket comes in! (I totally forgot to take a before picture, but just imagine bottles of bathroom/toilet cleaner aimlessly strewn about, plus tons of half used shampoo/conditioner bottles and other odds and ends we just didn't need.)

Here's the after:

Left side (ignore the ugly pipes and even uglier contact paper - project for the summer!)

Right side

Angle shot so you can see the whole thing

I did the same thing under our kitchen sink about a month and a half ago and it has made a HUGE difference being able to find exactly the right cleaner when I need it, without having to pull everything out and waste time, when I could be cleaning!

Oh, and here's what I paid for the desk organizer and basket:

I love savings!!!! And I especially love Target :)

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