Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Target Tuesdays!

Yay it's Tuesday!!!!!

I actually have not to been to Target in many weeks (I think this is a record for me!) but I hoping to go tonight to grab some groceries and take a peek at some fall/cold weather clothes. Today I'm rocking some of my favorite Target pieces:

I bought this cardigan months ago, but I'm wearing it today, paired with a grey jersey dress, black leggings and these black flats:

I also have these flats in tan, and while it took a couple of wears to break them in, they are definitely going to be my favorite fall shoe!

Speaking of fall footwear, I ordered these boots a few weeks ago on Target.com because of the many rave reviews. However, being 5'8", they only came up to my mid-calf and they just didn't look right. I was so upset, because I loved the style/color:

So I'll be returning this and starting my search again for the perfect brown boot!

Or, perhaps I'll use my refund to buy:



(which I posted about here!)

I have to say, fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons...don't get me wrong - I love me a good sundress and flip flops, but there's just something about the autumn air, changing leaves and cute fall clothes that get me really excited!!

What are you craving from Target lately?? Don't forget to link up at Tara's blog: www.fabulousbutevil.com