Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Target Tuesdays!

Yay it's Tuesday again!! Linking up at Tara's blog for one of my favorite blog hops of the week. 

Here are some recent purchases I made at Target for my kitchen

Comfort Kitchen Mat (link)

Perfect color for our kitchen, super comfy for standing at the sink, and easy to clean!

Nested canisters (mine are white but I couldn't find a picture online! link)

These were on clearance for $10!! I use the 2 bigger ones for flour/sugar and the little one for dog treats! They look great on my counter next to my white Kitchen Aid mixer!

Target Home Tablecloth in Brown (link)

I have this table cloth in the natural color and a pretty turquoise too.
They are very durable and machine washable!
Small White Wicker Basket (link)

These were on clearance for under $7 each, so I took all 3 that were sitting on the shelf! I love any and all kind of baskets and I think I can find a cute place for these somewhere in the kitchen or maybe the living room or bathroom - the possibilities are endless!!

Oh, Target - how I love you!!!


  1. I need to get some canisters like that for my kitchen!

  2. I love those white baskets! They are so cute!

  3. omg. i need to stalk target for those Cannisters! I need some, and that basket!!!