Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Target Tuesdays!

Linking up again at Tara's blog for one of my favorite blog hops!

First off, I have been such a bad blogger! Between our new puppy, getting together with friends and the lazy-ness of summer vacation, I have been slacking off - so I apologize!!

Here are some of my latest finds at Target:

Ona flats in Taupe - super comfy! Thank you Target for finally making a decent flat! I'm hoping to snag a pair in black too while they're on sale for $12!! They also come in red and a navy/purple color. 

Mossimo Pocket Tee (Juniors) - I have an unhealthy obsession with these $8 tees (on sale now for only $5!) I think I have them in just about every color under the sun. And I love how every few months Target will come out with new shades. They have some fun "fall-ish" looking colors out right now. The one I'm wearing today reminds me of the color of raspberry sorbet (couldn't find a picture online tho - boo!)

Obviously this is something you could get at any book store, but I love the fact that Target's price is 20% off the list price!! I'm almost halfway thru this and loving it!

Gotta love the Clearance section at Target! Can't wait to wear this cute little skirt! I love all the color options I have with it for tops/shoes/accessories too! (Could probably pair it with the flats I mentioned above - score!!)

And just cause I'm a proud Mama, here's a recent picture of Mars:

His ears are finally both up!!


  1. I love those flats and those t-shirts! They are both on my to-buy list at Target this week! I love their sale section; you can always find something good! I'm glad you are enjoying The Help--it was seriously the best book I have read!

  2. You got a great deal on that skirt!