Saturday, September 25, 2010

Me, Mrs. Meyers and our "Counter-attack"

Our counters are not anything to write home fact, they're downright ugly and dated - Formica moonlighting as fancy granite basically:
But for now, they work for us, and hopefully in 5-7 years we can replace them with something else a little nicer!

Having said that, these counters had seen better days:
Besides the obvious pasta sauce stain, you can clearly see several yellowish/brownish areas of dirt..30 year old dirt I would imagine, because the previous owners had some kind of love affair with messy rooms/surfaces/you name it!!! I feel like everytime we tackle a new project we have to spend at least 15-20 minutes cleaning the area first because it's so filthy...UGH!

Ok, so moving on.. I recently bought Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day in Lemon Verbana and thought I'd give it a whirl on my counters

This stuff made the house smell so yummy I was actually enjoying working up a sweat to clean the kitchen!

A few more befores:

And here is the after (2.5 hours later!!)

And this is the before/after of the backsplash behind the sink:

Not perfect, but much better than before!!

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