Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's crunch time baby!

So we're having a housewarming party on October 16th so we have just a little over a month to get everything pressure!

Here's some more of the progress we've made over the past few weeks:

We finally have color on the kitchen walls!!!

It's sapphireberry by Benjamin Moore - I just love that name!! It still needs a second coat but I love how it ties in the color in the floor:

This is the actual color comes out a bit darker on the walls tho

We replaced the doorknobs on the accordion doors in the basement. Not the best before picture

Closeup of the old doorknob:

New knobs:


Best part? This quick update only cost around $6 and makes the doors look a little more modern

Another cheap update ($3.50) was replacing this gross sink drain:

with a brand-spanking new one:
Instant upgrade!

The guest room is looking better and better every week too:

We had a futon in this room and rather than keep it in the "couch" position I lowered it to make it feel more like a bed than a couch. I grabbed a duvet cover I wasn't using anymore and threw up some curtain rods/curtains from Target...Just need a few more accessories (side table, lamp, small rug) and this room will be totally done!

We've been switching out (no pun intended) some electrical outlets and switches to make them all match w/ the crisp white trim and it looks soo much better!

Check back in a few more weeks!!


  1. I love "doorknob updates" in general because they are such a quick cheap fix that really make a difference (can you tell I watch way too much hgtv!?) Looks great! Love those curtains in the guestroom too :)