Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year = New Look

Now that 2011 is officially here (woo hoo!!) I decided it was time to start switching out some of our old furniture. I'd been spying these ottomans at Target for the past several months (and had been patiently waiting to buy them!!) so when I got a few gift cards for Xmas, I knew I could wait no longer:

I love that these have dual functions as a coffee table and ottoman and extra seating when we need it. Sidenote: they are the perfect height for playing the drums in RockBand, so says one of our close friends who tried it out last night at our New Year's Eve party!!

So I switched out our old glass top coffee table - which was really not meshing with the rest of our decor -

and now it looks a little something like...

Oh and they are sooo much easier to move around than our former table, which always seemed to take up a ton of space too.

Now I just pray that our cats don't attack them and claw them to pieces!!!

Don't let the cuteness fool you!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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