Monday, November 8, 2010

Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath...

Well, more like, I was taking a shower...and was noticing how grimy and gross our shower doors and showerhead were...

So I tackled the doors with some of this:

Because they looked like this:

Pretty, eh?

And after about 2 hours of scrubbing they turned into this:

Now, I realize the doors are still rather hideous (as is the tub itself!) but for now, until we tackle taking down the doors and putting up a nice, curved shower rod and new curtain (and eventually we'd like to put in new doors altogether!) this will have to do!

Oh, and here's what the old showerhead used to look like:

So I bought this guy:

It's a Waterpik Ecoflow and it's supposed to save us lots of $$$ because it has a "pause" button you can use when lathering/etc so you don't waste water..and it looks cuter too!!

This is what the cord was doing after I attached it! I unwound it and let the showerhead hang down, in an attempt to stretch out the cord so we don't get attacked in the middle of a shower!

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