Friday, November 26, 2010

And the painting continues!!

In preparation for our housewarming, we got about 90% of the house ready. A few projects had to wait, because, quite frankly, we ran out of time!!!

Today we finally tackled a few projects we had been putting off

Here's a before picture in case you forgot how lovely these built-ins looked:

We decided the brown just wasn't gonna cut it!!!

And so, we brought the rest of the family room into 2010 by painting the doors/handles/hinges/shelves. (You probably also noticed that we painted the gross white/brown tiles)

We also put another layer of insulation in our attic in preparation for the winter (no pics tho!)

Our next project on the "to-do list" over the next month (or 2!) is to paint the downstairs half bath this color:


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