Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To Do List

Brandon and I stopped by the house last night to get some measurements of the countertops/backsplash and we started to picture what our furniture would look like in some of the rooms.

Then we got to talking about our "To Do List" so it made sense to just post it here so I can go back and cross off things as we finish them! I think this will also help us prioritize what needs to get done vs. what we want to get done: (Oh and this list is by no means organized.. I am literally just thinking of what I want to do and listing it!)

1. Knock down the lower half of the partition wall
2. Re-do the floor in the kitchen
3. Tear down wallpaper in ALL rooms
4. Paint all rooms
5. Clean hardwood floors
6. Re-do backsplash in the kitchen
7. Get new countertops for the kitchen
8. Paint trim throughout the house (walls/ceiling/floor trim)
9. Rip up carpet on stairs (after we move furniture in!)
10. Rip up carpet in basement and install new carpet
11. Get 2 new toilets
12. Paint tile in bathroom
13. Rip up carpet in bonus room downstairs/install new carpet/flooring
14. Take out ceiling fans in LR/MB and replace w/ light fixtures
15. Replace light fixtures in kitchen
16. Sand and paint kitchen cabinets/get new hardware
17. Loam/mulch in yard
18. Plant annuals
19. Paint front door (?)
20. Paint basement

Edited to add:

21. Get a puppy/kitten in the near future
22. Fence in the rest of the yard for said puppy :)

Whew!! Check back later for an organized list and possibly a time line of when these projects will get accomplished!


  1. What about getting a puppy and a kitten? :)

  2. Yes, that too!! I should add that on :)