Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Fridays!

Yikes, Friday is almost over!! 
(I've been such a bad blogger this week - we've been busy w/ school stuff!)

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Ok, here's what's on tap for the weekend-
  • Planting these babies:
  • Starting the Great Big Fence Installation! We went to Lowe's to check out their options for vinyl fencing and we're 99% sure we're going with this:

Maybe some fancy post tops like the one above, too.

Lowe's is having a "buy 5 panels get 1 free" sale thru Monday - talk about good timing! 
Plus we can save even more money when we use our Lowe's card!

  • We started looking at grills today too, and found a few models that we like:
Found here

Found here

Found here

Just need to decide on how what size we need/want and read the reviews! We will most likely be purchasing one over the weekend, taking advantage of the sales and free delivery!

Oh, and the reason why we're fencing in the yard in the first place, is because we will soon be the proud parents of one of these little rascals:

They are German Shepherd puppies and we get to meet ours at the end of June!!! 

Brandon has always wanted a dog and he nearly jumped out of his skin when he got the call from the breeder that we had been officially selected to adopt one of the pups! I hope the kitties will learn to love their new playmate :)  We checked out some puppy paraphernalia at Petco this afternoon to get our mind wrapped around the fact that this new family member is going to need lots of STUFF!  We're still kicking around a few names, too and we'll hopefully have a decision made in the next few weeks. As soon as the breeder posts new pictures of them (They were born 2 weeks ago) I'll make sure to share!

  • Stopped at the Verizon store today to check out phones/cell phone plans. We've had Sprint for awhile now (Brandon for at least 8-9 years and myself for the past 3) but it's time for a change. Cell service at both our house and our jobs is spotty. And because we don't have a land-line phone at our house, it's important that we have a good signal for emergency phone calls!  I've been eyeing the iPhone for several months now, but Brandon just wasn't convinced. I figured he'd get a Droid or some other kind of smartphone, but he wandered over to the iPhone display, started messing around with one and said "Yeah.. I think this is the one." I was so excited, I started clapping my hands and jumping up and down (dork alert!) I secretly wanted us to having matching phones because I think Apple products are just the bomb diggity..but I also knew that he would want to make an "educated decision" on a purchase of this magnitude!  Can't wait to own this baby in a few weeks:

...or black?

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Black! I think yes, the white are cool. But i feel like the bottom where you hold it will get all my dirty white Macbook! :)

  2. I was thinking how it would be fun to match my MacBook, but I think you're will get super dirty, even with a case, probably...